Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Are Thin People Always the Bad Guys?

After reading an short artcile on posted on the fashion section New York Magazine's website, I'm infuriated. According to the clip, a "plus sized adult" star asked an American Apparel rep if they made plus sized clothing. The rep replied saying it wasn't the company's demographic, which angered the "plus sized adult" star and some other women around the globe.

What angers me is the fact she expected American Apparel to have plus sized clothing! Not every store has to have clothing for larger or just plain fat people!

If American Apparel has to have plus sized clothing, can I walk into Torrid or another plus sized clothing store and demand something in a size 0? It's like the whole thing about how only white people can be racist. It seems to me that only thin people are bad. If she wants plus sized clothing, she can make her own or go to a plus sized store. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can't find petite jeans or size 0 clothes, but I would never be so rude as to demand the store to change provide clothes just for me. Stores have the right to choose their own demographic, end of story.

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