Friday, September 17, 2010

Malandrino Spring 2011

Yay the Spring 2011 shows are here! As much as I love Fall, it comforts me knowing that on colder days or when I have a cold, I can look through slideshows on NYMag of these beautiful clothes.

I found Malandrino to have the most beautiful dresses and interesting knits. The clothes looked like paintings come to life. Also appreciated was the use of Asian models! I've included my three favorite looks.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Panda Feltie

My mom found a book at the library that has these cute little felt animals called "Felties" that you can make yourself! They're so tiny, but so cute. The pattern pieces are a little difficult to work with, being so tiny, and sometimes you use glue to sew on the tiniest pieces, but otherwise they're easy to make. This is my first feltie!!! I'm going to continue to make more. ^^

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Disappointed M.A.C.

As most of you ladies know, M.A.C. is a wonderful make up company. The company donates money to people suffering from HIV and AIDS through their VIVA Glam lipstick line, but recently, the company has disappointed and angered me deeply. M.A.C. was going to collaborate on a makeup collection with one of my favorite design labels, Rodarte. The Rodarte sisters are genius, I love their clothes! Unfortunately, the line has been canceled due to, honestly, ignorance and fear of being politically incorrect. The Rodarte's named one of their nail polishes "Juarez," after a place in Mexico they were inspired by. Many people complained because in Juarez, many women are killed or raped as they make their way to the factories to work.

Before any of you accuse me of ignoring their suffering, I've read about what is going on in Juarez. But the Rodartes still have the right to be inspired by such a place! They were in no way making light of those women, or being inspired by their suffering, they were inspired by the landscape!

Other nail polishes could be considered offensive. What about names such as China Red or Aztec Gold? China ran down its own students with tanks in the Tienanmen Square massacre. The Aztecs were an ancient civilization cruelly conquered by the Europeans. Yet other companies can give their nail polishes names like this without scorn. I'm disappointed M.A.C.

If we are constantly concerned with being politically correct, nothing will ever be said. Nothing can be honest.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fakes and Braids

Yeah it's been awhile....but I've been enjoying my summer! School starts soon...ugh....and I have yet to finish my summer essay for English....whatever.

I finally got some Chanel earrings! I don't care that they're fake, and many other people already own these things, they're sparkly and go with everything! I've been wanting them all summer and finally decided to get them. They weren't expensive, I don't know why it took me so long to finally buy a pair.

I also finally, successfully, tried out the braid trend. I have to say it's more creative than pulling my hair back when I'm too lazy to do anything with it, and it's not that hard to do. I have to braid my hair while it's wet though, otherwise it's too slippery to work with and all the little ends poke out because I have layers. What do you think of the braid trend? Should it stay or go?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TOMS Shoes

I read an article in the TeenVogue Handbook (which you need to check out by the way) about this company, TOMS, that makes simple woven shoes and for every pair sold, another is given to a child in third world countries without shoes. It's a great idea. The shoes have a very simple design, the original ones are slip ons, but now there's even wedges!!! The only drawback is the cost, slip on shoes are $48, but the wedges I want are $70. Now I understand that the higher cost is necessary since another pair go to a child, and it's not completely unreasonable, so I might get a pair. :) Check it out:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alexander Wang's Resort Collection

Looking through Alexander Wang's resort collection, I was once again reminded why he is such a brilliant designer. Every collection is filled with clothes for a strong, independent woman who knows to how play with traditional archetypes and make them unique. I can see myself wearing nearly all of his pieces, I am one of those strong independent women.

You should definitely check out the collection. I didn't really like the styling of the models though. Their hair looked greasy and uncombed, but other than that, it was a great resort collection.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Are Thin People Always the Bad Guys?

After reading an short artcile on posted on the fashion section New York Magazine's website, I'm infuriated. According to the clip, a "plus sized adult" star asked an American Apparel rep if they made plus sized clothing. The rep replied saying it wasn't the company's demographic, which angered the "plus sized adult" star and some other women around the globe.

What angers me is the fact she expected American Apparel to have plus sized clothing! Not every store has to have clothing for larger or just plain fat people!

If American Apparel has to have plus sized clothing, can I walk into Torrid or another plus sized clothing store and demand something in a size 0? It's like the whole thing about how only white people can be racist. It seems to me that only thin people are bad. If she wants plus sized clothing, she can make her own or go to a plus sized store. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can't find petite jeans or size 0 clothes, but I would never be so rude as to demand the store to change provide clothes just for me. Stores have the right to choose their own demographic, end of story.