Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Disappointed M.A.C.

As most of you ladies know, M.A.C. is a wonderful make up company. The company donates money to people suffering from HIV and AIDS through their VIVA Glam lipstick line, but recently, the company has disappointed and angered me deeply. M.A.C. was going to collaborate on a makeup collection with one of my favorite design labels, Rodarte. The Rodarte sisters are genius, I love their clothes! Unfortunately, the line has been canceled due to, honestly, ignorance and fear of being politically incorrect. The Rodarte's named one of their nail polishes "Juarez," after a place in Mexico they were inspired by. Many people complained because in Juarez, many women are killed or raped as they make their way to the factories to work.

Before any of you accuse me of ignoring their suffering, I've read about what is going on in Juarez. But the Rodartes still have the right to be inspired by such a place! They were in no way making light of those women, or being inspired by their suffering, they were inspired by the landscape!

Other nail polishes could be considered offensive. What about names such as China Red or Aztec Gold? China ran down its own students with tanks in the Tienanmen Square massacre. The Aztecs were an ancient civilization cruelly conquered by the Europeans. Yet other companies can give their nail polishes names like this without scorn. I'm disappointed M.A.C.

If we are constantly concerned with being politically correct, nothing will ever be said. Nothing can be honest.

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